Hospitality Industry

China is the largest source of outbound tourist in the world, and is a country where digital technology is most popularized. Chinese travelers use social media and other digital channels to choose destinations, plan itineraries and book hotels. Besides the most frequently used WeChat and Weibo, Chinese travelers also use BBS, short video communities, news sites, e-commerce sites, encyclopedia sites, etc, where each platform has its KOLs (Key Opinion Leader). During different consumer journeys, travelers may use different social media to make their decisions. Content on these social media can also be shared and gained more publications.

Therefore, using single digital channel (like WeChat) in the Chinese market is far from enough. A social media marketing ecosystem is required for marketing in China, including technical solutions and customer management solutions in different social media channels, and as well content marketing solutions for different digital channels.

The Wintour's ecosystem runs as follow:

  • Firstly, create content based on Chinese travelers' needs, carry out content marketing via various social media to gain more traffic and sales leads;
  • Secondly, manage leads in the DOSSM marketing management system, perfect customer profiling and market segmentation.
  • Lastly, use marketing automation plus content marketing to convert leads to purchasers and propagandists.

Localized Content Marketing Solutions

Various content creation for travelers' different consumer journeys

Customer Data Platform & Marketing Automation

Social customer relationship management and intelligent marketing based on social media

Marketing and Sales System Diagnosis & SOP Construction

Complete marketing management consultant with top service

Internal Training Programs

Improving marketing abilities of the hotel sales & marketing team

E-marketing Academia-Industry Cooperation

Providing sustainable solutions including talents and daily operation for hotels' digital marketing