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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation enables enterprises to carry out STP (S-Segmentation、T-Targeting、P-Positioning) marketing strategies effectively and automatically. By setting up marketing automation rules in advance, enterprises can reach the right customer (segment market) with the right product and content at the right place, at the right time and by the right way.

The core strategy of marketing automation includes customer data, marketing rules and content: based on the back-end data of customer profiling, design different content for different channel and context and set up trigger rules (when and how to deliver the content).

Marketing Automation of DOSSM-MarTech is a must-have tool for enterprises' inbound marketing.

  • Automation Engine

Set up marketing automation rules, including who (sort by segment market, customer tags or leads scores), when (when to run the rule), why (why, in what conditions to run the rule), and what (what to do – deliver social push, or tell salespersons to follow up, or tag the customer).

  • Triggers Management

The system supports complicated triggers design, which is determined based on customer behavior and attributes. For example, you may define "a customer gives up payment, which is the last step of a successful booking on the hotel website" as a trigger. When somebody does so, the automation engine will automatically send a SMS or E-mail to the customer explaining the benefits of booking on the website, which may persuade the customer back and save the reservation.

  • Data Analytics

By the presentation of marketing automation data analytics, enterprises can measure whether the investment in each channel and each marketing campaign worth every penny. For example, the marketing funnel shows how many lead a campaign gets, and how many potentials these leads convert, and how many customers who finally book the products.

  • Content Templates

DOSSM-MarTech provides one-stop management of content templates for E-mails, SMS and WeChat. Content templates will be triggered and sent out by marketing automation rules.