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The cost of a new customer is 5-8 times than retaining an old customer. Marketing Automation of DOSSM-MarTech is normally used for new markets, while Re-marketing is for rejuvenating old customers. Instead of salesperson follow-up, by re-marketing automation, old customers can be touched by personalized content in the right time and by the right channel.

  • Re-marketing Engine

A re-marketing automation flow from choosing segment market / targeted audience, timing setting, triggering conditions and actions.

  • Triggers Management

The system supports complicated triggers design, which is determined based on customer behavior and attributes.

  • Data Analytics

By the presentation of marketing automation data analytics, enterprises can measure whether the investment in each re-marketing campaign worth every penny.

  • Content Templates

DOSSM-MarTech provides one-stop management of content templates for E-mails, SMS and WeChat. Content templates will be triggered and sent out by re-marketing automation rules.