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DOSSM-LPP Loyalty Programs Platform

DOSSM-LPP is a new loyalty program management system for hotels in the age of mobile internet and social media.

Apart from traditional loyalty program management including member accounts, levels, benefits, points reward and redemption, DOSSM-LPP also supports social media accounts binding and fans management, including fans accounts, eVouchers, SVC card management.

Functions of DOSSM-LPP are as follow:

  • Loyalty Program Management System: setting member types, levels, upgrading rules, points value and managing member accounts.

  • Fans Accounts Management: Comparing with traditional member system, DOSSM-LPP's account system is based on WeChat ID.

  • Member eShop: Products up-shelf and various payment methods (points only, points + cash, cash only and SVC card).

  • SVC Card Management: Integrated SVC card management system for both online and offline. Online and offline top-up and usage are both supported.