Tertiary Education

In the hospitality industry, human resources composition will be thoroughly changed by new technologies, including big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, VR and AR, voice technology, wearable equipments and robots. And the consumers have become online. Various contextual issues between the hotels and the consumers require to be solved by technology, including sales contexts and communication contexts. The hotel operation is consequently become more digitalized, taking the leverage of digital technologies for marketing, selling and customer relationship management.

The hospitality industry requires its future talents to be the ones with digital marketing abilities, who masters professional knowledge of hotel management and are capable of using marketing technologies, sales technologies and service technologies for helping hotels' business success in the digital age.The industry has put forward a request of talent trainings revolution for hotel management majors, which still stagnate with educations based on traditional positions, traditional procedures and traditional skills.

Wintour provides tertiary education institutes with digital marketing practicing platform and curriculum for Academia-Industry cooperation, supports tertiary education institutes to follow the trend of future education development, to re-define teachers and curriculum, to achieve curriculum innovation, and to re-construct future curriculum supply chain with the help of the industry.

Practicing Platform

Digital marketing practicing platform for Academia-Industry cooperation, including big data, marketing automation, social media marketing and mobile marketing.

Digital Marketing Curriculum

Tasks-led and result-oriented new marketing curriculum.

Trainings for Trainers

Training digital marketing trainers with qualification of both theory and practice, promoting new curriculum reform in tertiary education.

Academia-Industry Cooperation

Close combination of in-class teaching and enterprises' digital marketing tasks. A new mode of Academia-Industry Cooperation, where students learn while practicing and learn from practicing.

Internship at Marketing-Related Positions

Providing internship opportunities at enterprises' marketing-related positions. Online guiding by professional teams will be guaranteed.